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Our East Javanese dance inspired room.


Laid back local heritage menu with original spices dates back to the colonial era: Nasi Goreng Riche, Rawon Klojen, Sop Buntut Tanjungrejo and much adored Ayam Penyet Bandulan.



From Cordon Blue delicacy, savoury Tom Yum Krabi & Cap Jay Melaka to relaxing with Denver Club Sandwich, we got your palate well pampered.

specials & lite bites

Colonial heritage preserved with the right amount of love: Biterballen Leiden, Pannekoek Amsterdam, Poffertjes Den Haag, you name it we got it.

drinks menu

A parade of iced & hot refreshments to pamper your flavor: Cookies & Cream, Double Shot Espresso, Teh Tarik & selection of Milkshake & Juices. 

hoho, happy holidays!

coffee meetup

at cafe oey

Hanging out with friends of the same appeal. Just the right way to spend it in our cozy breezy cafe right in front of Malang alun-alun.

3 minutes review

riche heritage hotel

Video review about our hotel

by Bima Widjanata, an influencer.

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